Who Are Academic Advisors?


Academic advising is an educational partnership that encourages and supports you in being active and accountable in the creation and achievement of your academic, career, and personal development goals.

Who are academic advisors?

Each college at the University of Minnesota has a team of advisors who work with students to navigate the University, explore interests on and off campus, and reach their academic and career goals. They have offices in your college and are available by appointment or during drop-in hours.

What can they help with?

Typical conversation topics may include exploring majors and careers, planning for registration, or identifying personal goals connected to your academic life. Your advisor will also navigate you to resources on campus that can assist you with things like social adjustment, personal concerns, study skills, major/career uncertainty, etc.  Here is a list of some of the things academic advisors do:

  • Advisors meet individually with you to help clarify your major and/or career plans by exploring your individual interests, values, talents, etc.
  • Advisors are knowledgeable about majors and minors in the college and can help you find information in other colleges as well.
  • Advisors support and challenge you in exploring and setting realistic goals and will assist you in the process of achieving those goals.
  • Advisors understand the services of campus resources such as counseling services, career services, disability resources, engagement programs, etc. They can refer you to the right office for specific help.  
  • Advisors guide your progress towards completing your degree. They provide information about your degree requirements as well as information about policies and procedures.