Preparing for Graduation


Congratulations, it's time for you to start preparing for graduation!

There are several procedures that you must complete in order to be cleared for your degree, participate in commencement, and receive your diploma. Follow the guidance to take care of the details.

Check Your APAS Report

Check your APAS report and speak with your advisor about any questions you have about remaining requirements you may need to complete your degree.

  • You must achieve a grade of C- or better in all courses required for your major.
  • All required classes in your major must be taken for a grade, unless only offered S/N.
  • At least 75% of credits taken at the University of Minnesota must be taken on A-F grading basis.

Apply to Graduate

Review the process of applying or getting scheduled to graduate

Review the Graduation Checklist

Review the undergraduate student graduation checklist.

Additional Graduation Resources

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Transcripts and Diplomas

Clear All Holds

The University will not confirm your degree until you clear all holds from your record.

Your Transcript

After your degree has been cleared by your college, that information is added to your transcript as soon as possible. You can use that information to confirm your degree with employers, graduate schools, or other interested parties. 

Your Diploma

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for distributing diplomas. Diplomas are created after your degree has been cleared. Normal processing time is two months. 

For more information and details on the name used on the diploma, mailing address, timeline, and more visit One Stop.

Commencements and Graduation Celebrations

Attend GradFest offered each spring to prepare for commencement and life after graduation. GradFest gets promoted on the Bookstore’s event page and is your one-stop source for graduation information, services, and products.

College Commencement Ceremonies

Each college hosts commencement ceremonies for their graduates. More information for graduating students and guests is located on each college's commencement website: 

Other Celebrations and Ceremonies

Various units in the Office for Equity and Diversity sponsor celebration events and graduation ceremonies. Learn more about these events honoring the accomplishments of individuals and specific communities within the statewide University of Minnesota system:

Special Distinctions and Honors


Students who meet a specific GPA or Honors Program threshold may receive special recognition. If, at the end of your final semester, you have more than 60 U of M semester credits and have a minimum GPA of 3.75, you'll receive the "distinction" recognition. If your GPA is 3.9 or higher, you'll receive "high distinction" recognition. Both distinctions receive a special cord to wear at the commencement ceremony. 

For more information on graduating with distinction, see the UMN policy.

Latin Honors

If you are in the University Honors Program (UHP) and will graduate with Latin honors, UHP will contact you with details about the medallion you will wear.

Exit Counseling & Loan Repayment

Exit Counseling

Online exit counseling is required of all borrowers of federal and University-administered student loan programs. 

Loan Repayment

Your loan payments will be handled differently, depending on the program -- see what loan repayment may look like for you.