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Find Your Assigned Academic Advisor

You are automatically assigned an academic advisor in your college upon enrolling at the university. This is the person you can meet with to plan your classes and discuss connections between your individual goals and your education. 

To find out who your assigned advisor is, see the "Academics" tab in MyU Portal and look for the name under "My Advisor(s)." 

Academic Advising Appointments

Your Advising Community

These advising services are an overview of offices that provide advising-style support for students. Depending upon your college, interests, and goals, you may on occasion be using multiple services at one time. Be aware of the variety of advising resources available to you when you need it.

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Advising by College

Advising works a little bit differently in each undergraduate college depending on your major and year. When you first enter the university, you will have an assigned college advisor. Once you've declared your major, you might have a college advisor, a major advisor, or both. Your advisor(s) will support you in finding courses, exploring engagement activities, planning studying abroad, and charting a path towards graduation.

If you have both a college advisor and a major advisor, think of your college advisor as your guide to the college and university. Think of your major advisor as your guide to the major and academic department. If you're unsure of who to go to, it's okay to ask. They'll help you figure it out!

Undecided or Exploring Majors

It's completely normal to start your college career not knowing what you want to major in. It often can take some time to explore and try a few things before you find a major that fits with your skills, strengths, and interests. 

The Center for Academic Planning and Exploration (CAPE) exists to help advise students who are undecided and exploring majors. You can drop inmake an appointment with a coach, be paired with a mentor in a major you're interested in, take an exploration course, and attend exploration workshops.

Center for Academic Planning and Exploration

Pre-Law or Pre-Health

There is additional advising for students who are on a track for law school or health professional programs (e.g. medical, dental, pharmacy, etc.). These advisors help you keep the big picture in mind and make recommendations during your undergraduate career that will best prepare you for your next step. 

Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Health Advising

Career Advising

Taking classes and getting your undergraduate degree is meant to prepare you for jobs and a career after you graduate. We don't expect you to be an expert on career planning and job searching, so that's why the University offers career services.

Like academic advising, each college has a specific career services program. Career advisors, often called career counselors, can support you in things like writing your resume, looking for internships or jobs, preparing for interviews, navigating job offers and negotiations, and more. 

Career Services

Learning Abroad Advising

Many students who study abroad say that it was the best part of their undergraduate career. The Learning Abroad Center has First Step Sessions for students considering learning abroad.

Once you've attended a first step session in person or online, you can meet with a program selection advisor to start choosing a program, completing applications and forms, and beginning your adventure. 

Learning Abroad Advising

Transfer Students

If you are considering transferring to the U of M from a different university, you can contact a transfer specialist from the college you are interested in applying to. They are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have about the U of M.

Find a Transfer Specialist(for prospective U of M students)

If you want to transfer to a different college from within the university, you can connect with a transfer advisor to learn about prerequisites and transfer information.

Find a Transfer Advisor(for current U of M students)


All U of M student-athletes have access to the Lindahl Academic Center and are assigned an athletic advisor based on the sport that they play.

In addition to meeting with their athletic advisors, student-athletes must also meet with their assigned college academic advisor prior to registration each semester.

Lindahl Academic Center

International Students

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) serves the university's international community.  The ISSS Academic Counseling program helps international students adjust to the United States, improve study skills, and provide support for academic situations.

In addition, campus counseling services can support students with topics such as adjusting to a new culture, feeling pressure to succeed, experiencing a physical or mental health issue, etc.

ISSS Academic Counseling