Applying For, Declaring, or Changing Your Major

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Declaring Your Major

For students who plan to complete a major in their current college, declaring a major will generally require completing a simple form and meeting the basic requirements for admission. Academic advisors guide students through the declaration process.

Applying for a Major

Your academic advisor can also guide you through the process of applying for a competitive major. Applicants must have completed specific, and often rigorous, prerequisite coursework and have a minimum GPA. The GPA requirements vary, but a 3.0 or higher is often essential.  

Several very competitive majors suggest a set of minimum requirements. However, because demand for enrollment exceeds the number of spaces available, only candidates with the strongest records are admitted. To be competitive, your GPA may need to be well above the stated minimum.

In addition to using your advisor, the major profiles provide helpful information on how to get into your major and they link you to the homepage for your major, which can also assist with your planning.

Changing Your Major

It is common for students to change their major during their college career and advisors are here to support students through this. The Center for Academic Planning and Exploration (CAPE) also has resources online as well as coaches to assist you in making a decision.   

Want to Change Majors Within Your College?

Students seeking a new major in their home college will often find the process of changing majors simpler. Again, your academic advisor can help you with the process.

Want to Change to a New Major in a Different College?

Students transferring to a new college compete for admission to that college with all transfer students. CAPE has coaching and resources you can use to learn about the process for changing colleges.

You will need to meet the regular standards for admission to the college and major, including completing new prerequisites and building a competitive GPA.  When you're ready, you will need to apply to transfer colleges and may also need to complete an additional application to the specific major.