Forms & Policies



At some point during your undergraduate career, you may need to complete a university form to request updates for your student record. On the One Stop website, you can find forms relating to many things, such as:

  • your academic status
  • petitions
  • appeals
  • financial aid and loans
  • graduation
  • registration
  • leave of absence
  • student records and personal information

Talking to your academic advisor is a good way to learn how to fill out a form and get your questions answered. Advisors can help ensure you're completing the right form for the specific goal you have in mind. Some forms even require you to meet with an advisor before you can submit them.


Complete Education and Student Life policies for the University are available online. 

One-Time Late Withdrawal

A policy students commonly want to know more about is the one-time late withdrawal policy. Here is what you need to know: Once during your undergraduate enrollment, you may withdraw from a course without college approval, and receive a "W" on your transcript. You may use this one-time only withdrawal after the deadline for withdrawal, up to and including the last day of instruction for that course. However, you cannot withdraw after completing the final examination or its equivalent.

Except as detailed above, withdrawal after the deadline requires the approval of your college and may not be granted solely because you are failing the course. You must have extenuating non-academic circumstances justifying late withdrawal.

Check with your advisor regarding one-time withdrawal procedures.